+977 9803000442 info@advgandaki.com
Gov. License No - 230011-076 / Pan No - 609677928
+977 9803000442 info@advgandaki.com
Gov. License No - 230011-076 / Pan No - 609677928

Why choose Us ?

Why Choose Us ?

Local company

Adventure Gandaki is a local company and founded and run by Nepalese tourism experts who have spent many years in this business and worked as a trekking porter and guide before establishing the company, so, we can offer you authentic information and tours in Nepal and  the amount that you pay for your holidays stay in Nepal and supports to generate local economy in the country and our trips prices are much more reasonable compare to many global based international companies which is not because we are economical in service but it is because we are local (Nepal based) operator therefore we do not re-sell or use second party or agency as many international companies re-sell their package or use second party or agency and will take anything from one third to three quarters of the profits this is how they are charging shocking amount money for the same service or package.

Authorized and experienced

Adventure Gandaki is  registered and recognized company and authorized to run  trekking, travel, tour , climbing, expedition, safari and all the tourism activities and we have fulfilled all the rules and regulations related in this industry and have paid all the liabilities and we have long-years national and international experience in the field of trekking tour and travel, and many other outdoor adventure activities such as River adventure, bungee jumping, wildlife safari, mountain expeditions, mountain flight and paragliding.

Uses of local experts and products

We at Adventure Gandaki have 14 employees including in at office and field and all of them are local and experts in their field and we use local products which directly contributes the rural economy. We have local guides for our all tours and trekking so, you will know about the destinations than anyone knows.

Small groups and private departures

We organize small group adventure treks and tours to those looking for group tours and we listen to every members of the group so, you feel that you are in family and we at Adventure Gandaki offers personalized tour itineraries and departures for families, couples, group of friends and students to whose wish to have private tours.

Varieties of services

Adventure Gandaki offers many travel services in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet which are trekking, sightseeing tour packages, climbing, expedition, hotel reservation, ticketing, river adventures, jungle wildlife safari, charter arrangements, Vehicle rental, adventures tours, paragliding, bungee jumping, village tour, cultural tour and much more adventure outdoor activities.

Minimum impact on nature and culture

Adventure Gandaki believes that the beautiful nature and culture of Nepal are the biggest assets, so Adventure Gandaki never undertakes any activity that goes against nature and culture and our team is well-trained and aware of possible impact to environment and culture cause of the unregulated tourism activities, so, we are committed to preserve the nature and culture of Nepal, particularly in tented camp trekking, we always use kerosene to cook and our rubbish is well disposed or all the non-disposable rubbish are carried out together, so that, this makes minimal impact of our activities to nature.

Responsible towards the society

Beside of travel and trekking business, the outfitter Nepal also believe in our responsibility towards our society and have been part of various social activities and philanthropic events and we have many successful projects around that help house the homeless, educate the poor, protect the environment and wildlife and help reduce or offset carbon emissions and we have been supporting to Nepal Social Hands and its projects.

24/7 service

Our offices are open in all easy of the week, from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm however you can call us any time when you need any information about the treks, tours or any program that are listed in our website or while you are on holidays with us as well, if you need any support on any time, you can always call us.

Success on your adventure

98% of our trips has been successfully completed as per our plan and program so, there is high chance to complete your adventure with Adventure Gandaki Treks and Expedition cause of its professionalism and expert local guides those know more than any one.