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Trekking Equipments

In order to fully enjoy your trek in the Himalayas, having the right trekking equipment is essential – both safety and comfort-wise. The trekking equipment that is required depends on the type of trek, and on the time of year, weather conditions, terrain, and maximum altitude. However, below list includes many essential things that would be wise to bring on most treks.

A properly packed trekking backpack is light and includes multipurpose clothing items. Moreover, please make sure that you bring sufficiently warm clothes, especially during winter (Dec – Feb). Not having the required trekking equipment and clothing will not only significantly decrease the pleasure of trekking, but could turn into a worst case scenario.

Below is a list of Trekking Equipment Needed while trekking in Nepal.


  1.     Warm jacket – down jacket, if possible.
  2.     Water and windproof jacket (alternatively bring a poncho or umbrella)
  3.     Long sleeve synthetic fleece (windproof material, if possible)
  4.     Thermal underwear
  5.     Hat, pair of gloves and scarf
  6.     Comfortable hiking trousers (loose fitting)
  7.     Shorts and trousers, or skirt
  8.     2 pairs of warm wool-blend socks
  9.     2 pairs of running socks or liner socks
  10.     Proper trekking boots
  11.     Running shoes and flip-flops
  12.     2-3 t-shirts

Additional winter clothing comments

  1.     The outer jacket should be warm, down jacket is highly recommended during winter season
  2.     Bring a pair of warm winter trousers, in addition to the hiking trousers
  3.     Bring at least one windproof layer of clothes, helping to reduce any chill factor influence
  4.     Snow gaiters